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Hôm nay 05-03-2021, Vision
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Tax Agent in Vietnam

» Professional accounting & tax services
» Personal income tax declaration, settlement & refund services
» Contractor Accountant Services

Our great honor to serve you as a Tax Agent in Vietnam.

Vision Tax Agent is an unique and exclusive tax agent in Thanh Hoa City approved and licensed by the General Department of Taxation to provide accounting and taxation services in compliance with Letter no. 628/TCT-PC dated Feb. 27, 2012.

With a team of experienced and senior experts and a profound knowledge of Vietnam laws and policies, you can be assured when using our consultancies and services of tax registration, declaration and refund which shall be done in strict compliance with current Vietnam laws.

Our scope of services include:

1. Tax registration, tax declaration

2. Bookkeeping

3. Invoice registration and invoice printing

4. Personal income tax: registration, calculation, refund

5. Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, yearly Tax Declaration forms

6. Signing and being accountable for relevant signatures on tax documents

7. Registering, managing and ensuring valid documents of social insurance for all employees

As a trusted tax agent, Vision Tax Agent will act on behalf of your company to work with all governmental and tax-related offices. It is also our guaranty to make applicable compensations for any subjective errors and/or mistakes.


Yours sincerely,


Ms: Do Lan Huong - Phone: 0913 276 452 
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